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May 2009

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38 Weeks 3 Days-Come out, come out, where ever you are

I wanna be done now. I feel like I weigh a million pounds (you should see me try to get out of a chair) and I'm back to sleeping on the couch downstairs because my bed is too soft and it kills my back. Then again it's not like I sleep much anymore anyway. My usual bed time has become about 6 AM...5 if I'm lucky. I do get a good amount of cleaning in though...But I personally wouldn't call it "nesting". Just boredom.

I've got a week and a half left (hopefully) and I will say that this is the longest week and a half of my life. I'd even go so far as to say that it's worse than the week before you go to Disney World. I've been going to doctor appointments weekly now and even though Hailey has "dropped" I'm not even dilating so I get the feeling that Disney World is more than likely going to be delayed about a week or so. *sigh* We'll see how my appointment goes later on.

UPDATE: Just home from appointment and I'm still closed up like Fort Knox....*grumble*


Hey, you never told me where to send the baby presents. I love buying baby things but I have nowhere to give them :

just a lil bit longer sweety

Hey lil woman, i hope that your not going stir crazy....enjoy your mee time, cuz sooner or later it aint gonna exsist.
Mucho love to Baby 1 from Baby 2.