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May 2009

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2 Weeks Old Today

Hailey had her 2 week check up today and she's awesome as ever! She weighs 8lbs. 12oz. and I can't remember exactly how long she was but I'm pretty sure it wasn't quite different from when she was born. She had another heel stick for blood tests as well but this one went alot quicker than the one from when we were in the hospital because she actually cried this time (she slept through the last one) and apparently when they cry it gets the blood flowing quicker (ya learn something new every day!). My little piggy eats CONSTANTLY mostly at night but I'm pretty sure that's cuz she has her days and nights mixed up (mommy's fault from when she was pregnant). But it kinda works out because I'm a bit of a night owl already anyway.

We also went to a WIC appointment today where the nutritionist lectured me on how I shouldn't give her the bottle AT ALL while I'm breastfeeding because it'll cause "nipple confusion". Thing is that she done well on the bottle AND the boob (she gets formula around 2 AM so mommy can get a few hours of sleep when the sun is actually down) in the last 2 weeks so I'm not concerned about that at all. The way I see it she's probably thinking "I don't care what it comes out of as long as I get to eat."

In other news...I've lost 24lbs. I'm down to 178 from the 202 that I was right before I had her. And it still hurts like the bowels of hell to sit down, stand up, or do pretty much anything without being properly medicated (thank you darvocet). I think I sit on my Boppy Pillow more than I feed Hailey on it. I had a follow-up appoinment with my OB on Monday from when I had retained so much fluid that it was sitting on my chest and making it hard to beathe (got a shot that made me pee like Sea Biscuit for an entire day) and he told me to "hang in there" my tearing was rather nasty and it could take a while to heal...My vagina will never be the same again.