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May 2009

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26 Weeks 4 Days-Sweet (a little too sweet)

I had my glucose screening to test for gestational diabetes at my OB appointment yesterday. I had to drink this stuff that wouldn't have tasted that bad if it had been mixed with about a gallon of water. Kinda like the syrup that you use for soda only I'm sure that this crap had WAY more sugar in it. What sucked was the fact that I couldn't eat for 2 hours before the test and I was an idiot and set my appointment earlier in the morning so I hadn't eaten AT ALL and was dizzy and nauseated afterwards...Epic fail. I may have been hopped up on sugar but I took my butt to bed as soon as I got home. I hope the test comes back normal so I don't have to do that again. Otherwise everything is good. I see my doctor again in three weeks and after that I'm sure it will go down to 2 weeks. Or atleast I hope they will. That'll at least give me the indication that the end is drawing near. Everyday I grow just a little more tired of being pregnant. My third trimester starts in 4 days and I have already begun my countdown. 


I felt sick afterward from not eating and mine still came back fine. I was also worried about that, but it seems that feeling sick didn't mean anything other than that crappy drink sucks! Good luck on passing. Also, the third trimester will fly by...I'm ready for it to be over to meet my little one, but the pregnancy itself isn't so bad...yet.